Sunday, August 27, 2017

Why I Give Up

For as long as I can remember, it's like there's always been this completely senseless aspect to life, where, essentially, people are not reasonable or rational, and lots of decisions get made that don't make any sense.  This is actually normal I think. And it's not a great normal, but that's the way things are.

So, I was asking for donations to help me work on a new project for quite a little while, and nobody donated anything.  I guess no one cares about me or my projects.

And my creative mind fell out of the groove of wanting to work on this project.

And there are other things to spend my money on and invest in.

I would still gladly accept Bitcoin donations since with all the freebies and rip-offs, people should pay me something --- but of course, as history goes, I can't expect much.

I just have to wonder::: Do people hate me?

My book got such low ratings, it seems quite possible that people just hate me.

Thing is, I've been "hated" since early childhood by my own siblings, so really I've just lived in a world of pain all my life.

Everyone will throw money at all these GoFundMes, and Kickstarters left, right and center, but people won't be bothered to honestly pay me the smallest price for any of my work.


I guess I'm just very unlikeable or something.  I wasn't lovable as a child, and as an adult, people just won't pay me.

Maybe there is too much consumer debt for most people ---- maybe I'm not brilliant enough to be worth 99cents, who knows.

But yeah, I'm out of the groove on that project I was thinking of, so I'm not likely to start work on that at all, or at least for quite a while.

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