Saturday, August 12, 2017

To be more transparent

OK OK OK ---- I guess I need to be honest with you guys, especially as you might even be my fan ----

I am asking for donations for my next project because I would like to see some community interest in one of my projects before I spend money to work on it.

The truth is, even after giving most of my liquid funds to the dentist::: I DO in fact still have more funding to my name.  It's just that it's serious emergency money, and it's about as liquid as a non-redeemable GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate, like a Certificate of Deposit maybe in the States).

I'm not too poor ------- but I'm not spending to my bottom dollar just to build a project which history tells me will not pay.

It would be nice to have some community support for my work for a change.

I have the Bitcoin addy up ---- it's a real easy way for me to "circumvent" Kickstarter.   It's like Kickstarter, but maybe a bit better.  Just a super easy way to fund me ----- no 3rd party necessary.

So maybe I'm rich enough that you think I don't need more funding ----- maybe I seem like a "fat cat", so why should you pay for my project, especially while most of my fellow Canadians are deep in debt?

Maybe it's not worth funding me ---- I COULD fund myself. I just WON'T when I have no evidence that anyone will pay me for anything.

I like to have emergency money --- in case of emergencies.  No point spending that money on something that might not pay.  I'll wait for either more expendable income or community support before I start work.

I get so many visitors to this website ---- and maybe you all already did buy something from me, but seriously, if you are so interested in me that I get all these visits to this site, I have to wonder why people don't donate.  Oh, right, lots of personal debt in Canada.

I dunno, it's just that I see all these kickstarters being funded and all these donations to Avril Lavigne ---- while it's like nearly nobody will spend a buck or two on anything i do.

It's kind of disheartening.

Who knows --- maybe people just don't like me.  I think people have never really liked me -- starting with my own family relations ---- but yeah, being a pinata starts at a young age I guess.

I'm a fun game that everyone gets to dislike altogether equally!! Yay!  Now that's funny!

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