Thursday, August 31, 2017

Previous Post may have sparked hundreds of visits

In my previous post to this, I said Classmates sent me an email that said the "visits keep a coming" and linked to my Classmates guestbook which only had 9 entries, the latest from a year or two ago.

It seems that post may have inspired a few hundred visits to this blog --- all at about the same time (or within hours of each other), for whatever reason.

And that previous post didn't get +1'd like most of my posts do ---- so obviously something is happening or something.

Well, the email said I had lots of profile visits, the guest book was mostly empty ---- but after posting about that I receive hundreds of visits to this website all within hours of each other.

Very interesting.  It's hard to know how to interpret this information.  Was it my school mates? Was trying to downplay my fame?

Or was it people just having a laugh about Classmates just sending emails like that?

Who knows.

I'm trying to think of more things to say, I've already written and deleted two things I could say, but maybe I don't need to or shouldn't.

I'll just go back to what I said earlier::: ever getting paid feels hopeless.

Ah --- back on the topic of money ---- that $280 Xray I needed to get at a special office? My mom only gave me $150 as a birthday gift to help pay for that ---- but I was still able to pay for the whole thing myself.

So I'm kind of richer than I've ever been before ---- but I'm not super-rich or anything.

And I feel hopeless about how I'm not likely to get paid for my own work. I basically just rely on disability from the government, and my Mom's job, and she'll be retiring at some point.

It feels hopeless to get paid, and it feels pointless to work after all the work without pay I've done.

that's just a note on internet dishonesty.

So yeah::: Classmates sent me weird information, I posted about it, and now relatable information shows up on blogger that might indicate something. yeah.

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