Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Option?

As I write this, I am downloading the Linux version of the Unity 2017 editor onto my Linux Laptop.

The good news about my Linux Laptop is that with the latest release of Linux Mint (18.2 Sonya) I have had ONLY ONE crash in my whole time using this new version of the operating system -- which is quite commendable to the OS devs. That one crash was only after a great long extended period of running.

I have only 4gigs of RAM and my Pentium processor has no L3 cache and only 4x256k of L2 cache --- so it might be questionable how well this machine will be able to handle game dev operations ----

especially as this is the Linux version of Unity, which isn't all that super official.

I tried using Linux Unity 5 in an Ubuntu virtual machine, and I was left wondering how to even create an instance of a first or third person controller. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure it out.

Either Linux version is missing things, or things have changed since Unity 4.

I MIGHT be able to get playing around and maybe even started on a project with my laptop. Fingers crossed.


Well --- if you ever wanted to make a Linux Ubuntu Server using an Intel NUC running with a Celeron processor ---- I'm starting to think I'd recommend AGAINST that ---- get a faster processor.

I'm finding that the Celeron is painfully slow for big tasks ---- and I've got one big daily task which I haven't yet been able to complete in time, --- I extended the wait time to 9 hours for regular operation ----- but in testing I've been waiting 4 and a half hours already and the job still isn't done.

On my computer from 11 years ago ---- this task would not have been a problem, it was a lot quicker than this Celeron.

Just saying.

Of course, my local computer shop had a special order option for a Quad Core Celeron for only 20 bucks more ---- would that have made more sense? Of course, that option was 100mhz slower, so maybe not.

1.6mhz is fine for a light task machine ------ but for server operations where big processing is involved daily, it takes a LONG time to complete the task.


Of course, my new game project will still require funding for some things --- and that's not going to happen for a while because I'm still paying the dentist and living my life. It'll be two or three months before I can afford Unity Plus I think.

Oh ----- and since it's the government of Alberta that provides me with funding to live my life, and since a lot of what I own is actually something I could have because of the Alberta Government --- I kind of have to wonder if somehow the Alberta government claims anything I might earn.  Just speculation.

Of course, more recent Youtube videos explain that there just weren't a lot of people playing OUYA games. That might explain it.

I actually did plug in my old OUYA today and played around a bit with it --- I'm glad the versions of the games I have left on that system seem to work well enough.

But I wonder if I'm considered to be one of those sucky developers. I know I made a lot of mistakes throughout my OUYA dev work ---- and one OUYA employee even told me at least one of my games was one of the better games ----- but how good was I at that job really?

At least I can feel some level or semblance of achievement with Doorless Darts ranked #5 in Sports on Cortex and CvB ranked #7 in Fight on Cortex. I think it's the Fight genre where I'm ranked like that. Maybe it was Dual Stick. Dunno, can't remember.

So::: I do wonder if I am disliked for "political" reasons or if my games legitimately did just suck. But I like my games, and though I may be "politically" confused, I have to good reason to be politically confused. Maybe it's just a saturated market with a small audience.

At least I'm able to live happy and comfortable and I have the stuff to do to keep me entertained. Yippee.


I finished installing the Unity 3d software on my Linux Laptop.

It looks very nice, looks like I could have a lot of fun developing with this ----

problem is, unlike the free version of Unity 4, there is no free access to first or third person controllers.

$75 for a Unity Asset for Third Person Controller.

Not happening right now.

I am tantalized by the Unity 2017.1 environment on Linux --- I am actually wanting to get started just by seeing how much fun I could have.

I just don't have all the assets or tools I would need easily, and I don't have the funding for a few months.

I only just gave my dentist most of my currency the other day. And I need the rest just to live and enjoy the life I can during summer break.


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