Thursday, August 3, 2017

More Computer Discussion

Remember my posts from earlier about me trying to decide what kind of new computer I want on a new budget for a new project?

At first, I thought I would get the cheap computer --- something I can afford on my budget.

But then I thought against it because a 1.4ghz mac mini with 4gb of ram and a slow hard drive probably wasn't going to cut it for my development purposes, especially with the size of the game I was thinking of.

Well, today was our house's day for Furnace maintenance ------ and the technician was just talking to me and my Dad about computers --- apple computers specifically.

He said his laptop battery died a while back, so he decided it was time to get something new ---- he said he has a six-core machine that is more than he needs when he's just checking email.

But then he said when he gets into his computer graphics work that the computer slows down a bit.

Then it turned out that he said something about having done some work on Pixar at his graphics school ---- he said something about the work done on "Monsters Inc".

So, yeah, basically I just got the impression that our visiting furnace technician just said he did some work for Pixar, and that he's into graphics arts with his six-core Mac.

The main point of his message was this:::: Steve Jobs changed the world, and that for most people they don't really need anything really powerful computers wise.

So, though it may seem like an argument (that he may have unknowingly made) that said the 1.4ghz mac mini would be fine for my project ---- well, he didn't actually argue that as it wasn't involved in my earlier discussion on this blog, but it almost seemed implied ------ I would actually disagree because I've seen a 4gb mac with a slow hard drive operate before and it is painfully slow -- even just for email.

With only a 1.4ghz processor, and working on my biggest game project yet ----- I don't think it's suitable ---- although a better mac mini is currently out of my price range, mostly due to dental expenses.

So yeah, just weird how our furnace technician basically said he does graphics arts on this six core mac and his film school or graphics art school did work for Pixar. Huh. yeah. Interesting.

but he must be highly educated ---- because he also said he attended a law school for a while.

OMG. I'm not even going to say what I just suspected.


Just yesterday I received my injection at the psychiatric clinic.

I told my Dad about how weird it was to talk to my injections nurse about recent movie releases ---- not only because of the topic itself, but it's also a little strange because my current injections nurse I've had for quite a while,,,

he looks similar to George Lucas.   He's not appearing absolutely the same as George Lucas ---- but he looks a LOT LIKE George Lucas.

That's probably more than I should say considering how information can be treated ---- but yeah:::

yesterday I feel how strange it is to discuss movie releases with a guy who looks like George Lucas who is acting as my injections nurse,

and today we get a furnace technician who talks about his film school's work for Pixar. Huh.

Just how things might be going I guess.

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