Monday, August 28, 2017

Misleading Information on another website

I was thinking long and hard about investing more in bitcoin, but I realized that if I wanted to use Bitcoin in a real brick-and-mortar store in my area, I would likely need to exchange it for national currency.

The BitPay app has a VISA card option in it.  But it's not for Canada.

So I did a search online to find out if I can get a Bitcoin VISA Card for Canadians.

The website I found recommended XAPO and SATOSHI TANGO as debit cards that would work in Canada.

So I first looked at XAPO ---- that wasn't going to work in Canada, similar to how BitPay doesn't work in Canada.

Satoshi Tango I signed up for ----- only to find out I had been confused by the information on their website ----- they actually DO NOT ship Visa cards to Canada.

So, there was a website forum or something that said XAPO and Satoshi Tango can work for Canadians.

This is, in fact, untrue.  I signed up for Satoshi Tango, and they will not ship their VISA debit card to Canada.

So, I guess I might as well forget about Bitcoin for a while.

Oh well.

There are other advertised options for Canadians to move their money from BTC to CAD --- I haven't tried these, nor am I likely to at this point in time.


I have been keeping very good track of my in's and out's of Bitcoin, logging every transaction in a ledger I keep.

After moving my BTC back from Satoshi Tango, I have found a discrepancy between my ledger, and the digital wallets.

There is a difference of 133 Satoshis.  What happened to those Satoshis? Why aren't they listed properly?  Very weird.

This is nothing against any company listed in this post ------ it's just that my personal ledger of transactions doesn't match what the digital wallets say ---- I'm off by 133 Satoshis.  Very weird.

UPDATE on the Additional::::

I managed to figure out that I'm missing 33 Satoshis from Bitpay. I moved some coin from a hard drive wallet to BitPay ---- and BitPay either took or doesn't show anything smaller than a micro-bitcoin.

I guess that explains that.

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