Monday, August 14, 2017

It's all in my head he said

I must be out of my mind.

I must be having one of those ultra-reality-altering-hallucinatory experiences again.

Last night my Dad told me I was crazy.

Today my Dad told me it's all in my head.

He told me to not make false assumptions.

SO: I am hallucinating this email my sister sent me that says she's gone from deep in debt to having a good level of savings without employment or unspecified low-paying employment that she never told me about until now and this is not making sense?

I'm pretty sure I didn't hallucinate my Dad's two debit cards, at two different banks, which he visits both of them and not with the company of my mom.  And he says he's not rich.

Yes - I must be out of my mind.

Something just doesn't make sense about how I see things.

It's like I hallucinate extremely elaborate big hallucinations or something.

He's not rich he says.

But he has debit cards at two different banks, and he visits both banks.

My sister just told me she now has "a good level of savings" ---- although just months ago she couldn't figure how to climb out of debt.

In fact, there was a time when only my mom could afford one leap pad for all her grandchildren --- but now the good sister has one leap pad for each of her slightly older children, while paying off her debt and getting some good level of savings --- all in a matter of some months while currently being unemployed.

Yup. I must've lost my mind.

When my Dad says "it's in my head" ---- Is he referring to the answer about this situation, like I'm a mentalist and I should know telepathically?

I suppose I do have a recurring number appearing in my mind.  If this number is true, it should be easy enough to buy me some new equipment.  I guess we're just not doing that right now or something.

Maybe I'm just getting the "$10 limit" like my nephew did at the toy store.

I've lost my mind. I can't seriously understand what's happened. My Dad denies everything I think it might be --- tells me I'm crazy, it's all in my head.

Is that the power of the secret?  I would think thoughts about amassing great wealth, and now I just hallucinate a world where we've become wealthy???

Huh. Right. Who knows. Whatever.

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