Monday, August 14, 2017

I'm still wondering

Last night I sent an email to my sister.  I sent the same email to my Dad.

It was that email that got my Dad annoyed.

I basically had questions about how much money I made.  My magic 8 ball clearly told me multiple times that Dad did get my OUYA/Razer money --- but typically my Dad will deny this.

My sister did respond to my email.

Something about her response is also triggering questions in my mind.

You see, just a few months ago, my Dad told me not to talk to my sisters about my investments because it made them depressed.  Why did it make them depressed?  Because my good sister was deep in debt just like the rest of Canadians.  My good sister, the one who turned out right, was probably the poorest person in our family at that time.

But in her email last night, she said she has little debt and a good level of savings.

She said she(/"we"?) doesn't have the highest paying job around, but she feels wealthy too.

Now I'm really confused.

You see, she doesn't have a job.  Her husband HAD a job, but not anymore. They are both unemployed last time I checked.

While he was working, he apparently didn't tackle the debt very well.  They were just barely making it.

Maybe there's some secret about their finances that I don't understand or don't need to understand.

But she's not keeping it totally secret either --- she just told me some things.

But I'm still confused.

So, to summarize my confusion:::

Last time I checked, my good sister was in deep debt, and she and her husband were unemployed.

As of last night's email, she has little debt and a good level of savings, doesn't have the highest paying job, but still feels wealthy ----

thing is, I didn't think they worked at all at this point.  How did they come to a point of feeling wealthy with no employment income????

Not a high paying job, no job at all as far as I knew, yet still feeling wealthy. No clues what their job actually is though.

The information I'm seeing just doesn't make sense.  And it doesn't help when my Dad is keeping secrets and denies the possibility that OUYA or Razer paid him my money - which they were supposed to according to the arrangement.

He said I'm crazy.  He's kind of right at this point.

I am confused out of my mind.


I just remembered my Mom's story about her recent visit to my good sister's place in a different town.

My Mom said my good sister's son was kind of accustomed to getting really cool toys. Like, the good toys. You know what I mean.

When my Mom was with my sister, they went to the toy store for the baby.

They gave the son a $10 limit on a toy for him.

He had a meltdown.  He's obviously kind of spoiled -- so used to getting cool toys, but now having a big purchase limit.

yes, he's kind of spoiled at that point.  Maybe that has some explanation or description maybe of how my sister paid off her debt and has savings. I don't know.  It just illustrates a bit here.

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