Friday, August 4, 2017

I Took the Plunge into New Hardware

I decided I should get new hardware --- to save electricity on always-running purposes.

The 1.4ghz mac mini with 4gb of ram and 500gb HD costs ~$600cad new or ~$500cad refurbished.

I decided to go for a 1.6ghz NUC with 8gb of ram and a 1TB HD, for only a bit less than $400 --- 2-year warranty included.

This MIGHT become a developing machine --- but probably not.

I'm replacing older more electricity hungry hardware with this NUC --- maybe but probably not for development.

And man ---- I'm sure glad I didn't go for that mac mini ------- because even with better hardware and a less resource hungry OS (Linux) ------ this 1.6ghz NUC is still painfully slow.

It'll probably work for what I'm going to use it for ----- but yeah, it's good to know I could get better hardware for cheaper, and not have risked trying to develop on something even slower.

But seriously ---- adding 400mhz to the clock speed would likely make this thing work quite a bit better. Hah.

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