Sunday, August 13, 2017

I deleted my last post

I just deleted my last post on this blog.

It was apparently a slightly more popular post that normal, considering how interesting it was,

but I may have made some false assumptions in it.

Basically::::::: I had suspicions that my Dad is richer than he should be,

And since he was supposed to receive my OUYA payments, I wondered if he did get my OUYA payments.

But he vehemently denies it.

He was so agitated that I thought he got my payments (though he did SAY he got my payments) that he thought I needed an Ativan.

I was calm, he was agitated, and he said I needed the Ativan.

I'm still a little confused, things I've seen going on don't totally make sense, but hey, my Dad was very unhappy to hear that I had my suspicions.

Anyway, apparently, I am the crazy one.

I am delusional. I suspected too much.

But one thing didn't add up about his recent burst into my bedroom:::

HE was agitated, and he said I (me) needed the Ativan.

I am perfectly calm, he's the one with the agitation, he should take the Ativan.

Somehow, he projected his own emotional state on me and said I needed the drug that he should take.

Yeah, it's confusing.  Apparently, I was just delusional and crazy somehow.

But yeah, the internet just tells me that everyone is in too much debt to pay a small price for any of my work ---- that with all the unlimited amounts of currency in a central banking system that practically none of it could make its way into my wallet.

To me, it almost seems unreasonable that people just couldn't or wouldn't spend a buck on me.

I would have thought people could have paid me some small amount.

And though my Dad was lined up to receive some of my payments, and though there are some big clues that I've seen,

Apparently, I was just crazy to think that he actually received any money from my work, even though I was lined up to borrow the use of his bank account for receiving wire transfers.

He wasn't very happy.

He said I'm crazy.

Things just don't make sense about that.

I'm probably just the richest I have ever been in my life, and it's unusual to me.  But apparently, it's still not THAT rich.

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