Saturday, August 12, 2017

How Did My Top-Super-Secret Information Leak?

Remember my super-top-secret game development plans?

Somehow --- something really weird just happened.

OK ----- so there's NO EVIDENCE of my game idea anywhere except me typing the title of my game into UNITY 3D on two different computers.

Apparently, that wasn't secure.

Either they somehow know what I typed into Unity, or they used a psychic or something.

Maybe it's just a big coincidence ----- but when I saw what I saw, I got freaked out.

You see, Just a moment ago I visited an Android fan site as I did some research on the game market on Android TV.

Just as I started reading the article, a big full-screen ad pops up from the website::::

An AD that is HIGHLY RELATABLE to my game idea. I have never seen such an ad before, and it's way too coincidental that it appeared on my device as I researched android tv games.

I guess I might as well expose a little bit of my secret.

As soon as I do, well, it's not a secret anymore and I can only guess someone is going to weasel off with my idea.


The only information about my top secret game I had typed into  a computer was the following title:

"EXTRA Car to Joe's".

The ad that appeared on the android fan site which got me riled up was an ad for "Car 2 Go".

Yes, my game had some parodying ideas about a similar business concept existing in my game, with some fun stuff about it ------

That was one of my fears, that they might view me as a sort of copyright infringement ---- but mine wasn't an exact copy, nor was it the exact same name.

In fact, the only similarity in the name would have been the title of the game. In the game, it's a bit different. With only parody-like relatable similarities in some ways.

But yeah, I'm a bit freaked out that all the computer had was my game title, and now the Android fan site is showing me a full-screen ad for a business that did basically inspire my new game title.

Just freaky.


And now that I've said this much, I can only figure to expect that someone might be inspired by this blog post.

Nothing's private anymore I guess.  Holy crap.

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