Friday, August 11, 2017

Hopes Dashed

I received an email today which claimed to be from some professional looking French tv site ---- and it referenced a supposed English Charity that wanted to give me a grant for humanitarian purposes.

Both the email addy and charity listed looked legitimate.

But the problems::

It doesn't fully make sense to me that a charity would give me a grant for my business desires ---- business desires which are modest in nature and might not be worth much.

Another problem:

I did some research on the email. It probably wasn't real. Found out it was likely fake.

I've received email from people claiming to be lottery winners who want to donate (years ago) and I've had any amount of other stuff like that go on over the years ------

And of course, I have to be on my guard, considering how much fraud goes about ------

But REALLY:::::: If you want to help fund my project, it's as simple as donating to my bitcoin address on this website. There is an easy way to give money to me::: Bitcoin address.

All these offers of money become suspect when they want me to do other stuff, and they won't just donate to the dang Bitcoin addy.

Considering all the OUYA games I've sold, and how popular this website is ---- it's quite possible that all my visitors may have already paid me some little amount of money already.

But it's just not enough.

OUYA just wasn't successful enough. Maybe I wasn't good enough.

It would be a shame if I had to scrap my future development plans just so I could live my life with whatever I already have and less waste --------- but hey, the market's saturated and the audience is limited --- so that might happen.

If I didn't need the dentist now, I would be in great financial shape to work on a new project. It's just too bad I lost my crown.

HECK::::::::  It's quite possible that my new project idea is more than I can chew ----- so I may end up all in failure anyway.  That's a real possibility.

I would love to imagine a huge likelihood of huge success and "making it"   ------ but it seems quite likely that I just won't make it.

Imagine me being super-successful eh? Wouldn't it be nice? ;)

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