Thursday, August 3, 2017

Haunted or Controller Lag?

In the days of OUYA --- if you didn't have wired internet to your OUYA --- and if you had multiple controllers,

your chances of "controller lag" increased.

This was highly annoying to so many people I'm sure, but considering how close "OUYA" is to "OUIJA" in the name it definitely could seem like your OUYA was haunted and there was a ghost controlling the machine.

But I was just playing with my Forge ---- a Cortex game.

Nyan Cat.

Rainbow Ride.

I felt I needed some mindless amusement to pass the time.

After a while of playing, I just put down the controller and left the game to its own devices. Of course, I "died" when not manipulating the character.

So, I played again, and again, just put down the controller --- but something different happened this time:::::

My character moved ITSSELF ----- my character was playing the game without my input, and it survived for as long as I let the game play itself.

The character never "died" ------ I was the one who manually ended the game.

I even took video with my iPhone of the incident ---- where my character was controlling itself and the game would not end ------- it really was as if the game was haunted at that point, and not in the non-intelligent "controller lag" way.  It was like some other intelligent being was actually controlling the character as if it were haunted.

Of course, the developer may have just programmed the game to do what it did --- it's possible ---- but seeing it play itself like that after I put my controller down definitely made me think of the "haunted controls" issue from OUYA days.

I still think Forge and Cortex are pretty decent services ----- but most people just didn't vote for the cheap and free system, so that's the way it goes.

"cheap and free" can actually be an awesome way to run a business, but for some reason, people opted for the more expensive NVidia Shield, which especially didn't make sense as I learned in a review that the Shield seemed to lack content (or it did back then).

But whatever, humanity doesn't make sense a lot of the time.

Cortex is pretty decent I think, it's humanity that tends to be defective.

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