Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Expenses and Income?

This morning's news:

I just lost my 640gb external Firewire hard drive on my mac mini.

I booted up today, and my external drive is dead.

Losing my tooth, and losing my hard drive, I can almost feel cursed --- except I know there are legitimate explanations for how these things happened like I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate bar and that hard drive was getting old.

The good news::::

I had a 500gb external hard drive (USB) just sitting around that I could use instead. It'll have a lot less free space on it, but it will contain my data.

Other good news::: It can contain my data, because YES -- I had a backup. I have a backup. yay. Always back up your data. I'm so thankful for Time Machine.


I just booted my mac mini again. I left both the replacement USB and Firewire drives plugged in during this time.

Well, the Firewire drive works again!  It just magically boom, works. Broken yesterday, magically fixed today. Weird. Who knows. Wonderful.


The other news this morning is I accidentally checked Facebook this morning and I saw this in my news feed:

A story from just 15 hours ago says my The Book of Finch Facebook page is receiving quite a bit of attention.

Of course, I haven't "sold" a copy of that book FOR A LONG TIME --- I get like, no sales reports, nor do I get payments.

I, of course, would ask that people kindly pay me for my work, or donate to my bitcoin, is that too much to ask? In our debt laden society, perhaps it is.

Anyway ---- I've obviously made some waves ----- and either someone else gets my money or people just aren't paying it seems like.

Who knows --- this helps me suspect my Dad of receiving my payments -- though he never admits it.

But yeah --- please kindly pay me for my work. Even if it's just a small bitcoin donation, that would be gladly accepted. Or you can actually just buy the book.  But I stopped selling Kindle Ebooks --- I just wasn't seeing sales and that turned me off of ebooks.

I don't see Lulu sales either, but we'll see. Who knows.  Maybe people just like the freebie --- but really, I do ask that people pay me for something I did.  Letters to Whomever was NEVER free. Neither was The Eagle's Sore. It'd be nice to get paid.

Of course, people might view me negatively after reading my book --- but hey, I always tried to do what I thought was right, usually, and I can't help the fact that I was surrounded by all the crap in my environment at the beginning of my life.  That's just the way things go. I can't change my origins of birth or how people tried to control me --- that much wasn't my own fault.

But yeah, getting paid for my work would be nice. Thanks.

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