Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Doesn't Blink About It

So, previously I had been thinking about how my Dad has two debit cards, and how it didn't fully make sense that he'd do all he does and my Mom doesn't get concerned about it. You'd think if he were spending her money like he does, that she'd be a bit more on his case about it.

When I had my birthday last month, this was the first year I didn't get a single birthday gift that I can remember.

No gifts.

Seeing my nephew with his party and friends and gifts at his birthday kind of depressed me about how all I got was a card and a cake.

Well, dental implant news::

My dentist's office closet-x-ray machine is too small to do a 3D scan of my head with my broad shoulders in the way, so they referred me to an x-ray specialist office, an office that exists exactly for the purpose I'm going to use it for.

Today, making my appointment at the X-Ray office, I learned I would have to pay $280 to their office on the day of the visit for their work.

My mom listened to that speaker-phone-call appointment booking, so when I told her that was an unexpected $280,

She basically just said she'd pay for it and it would be my birthday gift.

Again, like with my Dad's spending habits, she didn't blink an eye about it.

Obviously, I'm not poor like I was when I was a kid.  As a kid, finances were consistently in the dumps as far as I was aware.

I can understand how my family isn't really "rich", we aren't that or too wealthy, but somehow my mom could just pay that kind of money as a birthday gift for me and not blink an eye.

This is a completely new development in my life, things haven't quite been that way before.

SO:::: it's quite possible that my Dad's 2nd debit card is that he just shares a bank account with my Mom now --- that might be all it is.

And according to every report, I'm told, I don't get paid for my work.  I just wonder, speculate, and have hopeful and wishful thinking that people do pay me, but for some reason, my parents control the funds.

No one admits it, but I can dream can't I? :)

So yeah, I guess my Mom just isn't worried about money anymore.  That's the explanation.

We aren't really that rich, but we aren't poor like I was when I was young, so yippee. Completely new experience.

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