Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dentist Having Fun

Today I saw my dentist.

I am paying for this storyline of visits myself -- no insurance.

I got today's bill and more estimates for the upcoming visits.

When I added it all together:::

The very first visit in my adding I just rounded up to $600.

Add the first visits to the current visit and the estimations, and the answer is "$5501".

If you look at 5501 upside down in a calculator, it says "loss" --- or maybe f"loss".

That's great --- except actual floss itself probably wouldn't have helped in my case. But I can see the dentist is having fun.

But then, I remembered that the first trip in this storyline I think only cost $598.

So, when added up with the actual price, the answer is:


When you look at this number typed in a calculator and having the calculator upside down -- it looks like the dentist with his glasses on with HIS mouth open. Kind of.

Like very fancy emojis ---- except it's the price you pay for the dental implant.

Very funny.

I'm just glad I can afford it ---- and I'm not even really crazy for having bought that $400 nuc at the same time.

I can actually afford this. That's AMAZING.

When I was a kid, things were a lot more difficult, and I think the difficulties back then and the financial situation also as a difficulty all snowballed into my mental illness. But I'm getting better now ----- and now I see how a lot of people suffer from insanity and poor financial health.

I guess the reason I don't get paid for my books or games might be because of poor financial health or poor mental health throughout the community of the world as a whole.  Those are the real explanations that might make sense.


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