Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Classmates email acting strange

Remember Classmates.com?

A long while back I signed up an account there.

And I even have like a 2-year subscription going on right now.

Well, they sent me an email, and I get this email or something like it every so often::

OK. So according to this Subject line, I get all kinds of profile visits. I must be famous!

The email itself directs me to my guestbook so I can see who has checked up on me:::

Yup.  I've only had 9 visits to my profile EVER ----- and the last one was a year or two ago.

So somehow 9 visits total from at least a year ago translate into "the visits keep a coming".

EIther Classmates has a goofy sense of how famous I am in their email,

Or they are hiding all the visitors to my page.

Obviously, this might be a clue that everything I see online might not be so truthful.

I am somewhat aware of thousands of downloads of my products and very little to no payment for them. For whatever reason, I just don't get paid:::: So logic tells me, backed up by this nonsense of Classmates.com, that either my reports aren't reporting the right way, or people have stolen.

Whatever the case, people just aren't honest.  And though my brother (who is mentally ill) has said I will be paid, it often feels like I will never be paid, and that there's no point in trying anymore, unless I really want to try something else.

So yeah, there::: Classmates is indicating "internet dishonesty", and that just makes me wonder about how honest any of the reports of my downloads and sales are, or if the public at large is commonly dishonest.

And I often feel hopeless about ever getting paid.

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