Thursday, August 31, 2017

Being Lucky

My whole thing, since I wrote the book of Finch, has been about things like mentalism, telepathy, miracles --- or even just excessive LUCK. (as well as a dysfunctional society).

So, a week or two ago when I played the Poker Lotto ---- I paid 2 dollars and won 4 dollars on the instant win with 2 pairs.

And I played the Poker Lotto again yesterday. I won 2 dollars on the instant win, meaning I got my ticket for free.

How'd I do on the nightly draw? I matched two cards, winning me $2.

It's beginning to look like I'm becoming "lucky" somehow, however, that cosmically works.

A constant reminder of this is a Poker Lotto ticket I have taped to the wall where I was within one or two cards of getting a Royal Flush --- which would have won me $10,000.

What did I think last night before the nightly draw, but after I bought the ticket? As an afterthought, I realized my chances were extremely low, but I just thought about what I'd do if I won the $100,000 prize.

All I thought about last night was a plan of what I'd do if I won the jackpot, realizing consciously in my mind the chances were not likely.

But, it's just interesting to note that somehow, however it works, my "luck" has turned into $4 the last time I played and $4 bucks the time before that.

Just interesting.  And also extremely unlikely.

I should note, I recently watched a Youtube Video that said you should never gamble because your chances are so slim and it's generally just a waste of your money.

This blog post is simply to illustrate the truth of my recent life, and how that might relate to my history of getting involved with Mentalism and the like ------ as well as maybe I just have good Karma from all the good I do for other people.

There you go.

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