Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What I have decided (new project)

I thought for a while about my options for my new game idea.

One big factor in trying to garner public funds for my project is stress. I'm a "modestly" capable game dev who is looking to build his biggest project yet, and I fear big disappointments if I make use of public funds to build such a project. Stressing.

Plus::: The indication from my MLA's office was that they would expect me to use discount hardware for my new project --- and not necessarily mac hardware either ----

Therefore, to avoid the stress, build a project that I like the idea of, and basically use my own choice of hardware:::::

I am opting just to buy the cheapest Mac mini I can, which will probably be pretty crappy for development, but I will either use this mac mini as my legacy machine for my older smaller games, or I could try using it for my new project,

And that way I might have a way of building something without having to share old and new software on the same computer.

Of course, if this new Mac Mini turns out to be absolute shite with the development of games (which it probably will be) ---- then I do have another use I've been thinking about for a while now that I could put it towards.

So::::: I basically come out a winner, except financially, where my funds are limited and I've got big expenses and I can't expect to get paid.

So, to me, this game is worth building.

But not everyone may agree --- that's stressful.

To avoid stress and basically get the same level of hardware I would've gotten from the government anyway (if I got anything) ---- I'll just buy a really low-end computer to try to help and hope the dental fees aren't too much too fast.

So:::: if you consider yourself my enemy, now is the time to buy all the cheap mac hardware you can so there's nothing left for me to purchase. You have a few days to do this. Once my funding is available, I could easily buy a cheap mac mini ---- and your plans to stop me will be foiled.

Good day everyone.

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