Monday, July 3, 2017

Was sent an opportunity

Just a day after predicting that I could become very wealthy in the not-too-distant future, I received an email.

Luckily, this is not one of those things I have to keep secret --- because mostly I hate keeping secrets.

It was basically a big offer, that did make some level of sense and could have been honest and more or less on "the level" that they said, perhaps a bit enthusiastically and maybe admittedly, exaggerated maybe even a little bit, that they said would help me achieve some level of great wealth.

Thank you, for thinking of me that way, for trying to help.

Reasons I didn't go for it:

Though having a millionaire mentor is considered desirable, I am introverted and actually dislike telephones.

Also, though I could technically afford the money they asked for me to get started, it didn't fully make sense that I would have to pay that sort of thing or anything at all.

The idea presented did make sense, pretty much, but I am certain it wasn't a 100% guarantee of success ----- maybe it's a good thought that has potential, and maybe it was honest, if a little bit exaggerated maybe, but I personally did not view it as a 100% chance thing.

And when it's not 100% in my own eyes, even though it did seem reasonable, having to talk on the phone to some stranger about following a bunch of steps wasn't too interesting.

I mean, it definitely seemed like a good idea, it may even have been honest, but I didn't feel like uselessly risking that kind of money to receive phone calls that I don't really want.

Biggest reason::: I HATE THE TELEPHONE (maybe a bit exaggerated).

And::: It didn't totally make sense that I would have to pay anything up front initially at all. If it was such a great way of doing things::: it should be free for me.

But yeah, it did seem like an honest offer, but it didn't get past me. Thanks for trying to help.

Oh ---- and it came to the inbox of my old "porno email" --- the same email that someone who claimed to be a famous billionaire once wrote to.

Possible, but I don't know. Thanks for trying. It did seem like a way of doing things, but my suggestion, rather than putting me through phone calls and making me pay a fee, even a small fee,

would be to have everything written down on a secure web page where I'd be able to access the information. Maybe that's too much to ask of people who might not be able to type, but that's how I'd go for it. Videos are ok too.

I hate the telephone, I am technically still at least somewhat mentally ill.


When I finally picked up my cell phone today to get ready for "doing stuff with my day" - I noticed I had received a phonecall from the UK.

Phonecalls from the UK, last time I checked, always seemed to involve those Binary Trading people.

Even if I was there to take the call when it happened, I know I probably wouldn't have taken it.

But I looked up the number online, and I didn't find any exact match, but there was some small "coincidental" evidence that it may be related to the email I got earlier in this post.

So, I had a cup of coffee, and then my apple watch beeped ------ someone new followed me on twitter.

The entity that followed me wasn't an individual, it was more like a company or a website of sorts ---- perhaps a business entity.

And their latest tweet said something about or mentioned::: the same famous billionaire who previously supposedly sent an email to my "porno email".


Wow. Huh.  Considering the things I'm into, I wouldn't be surprised. Huh.

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