Sunday, July 9, 2017

Updated 2 Games For Cortex Recently - awaiting approval

Yesterday I updated Pfhonge, so it works so much nicer now on the new hardware and software ---

and today I updated ICBM, so it works even better on the new platform too.

Just have to wait for approval to publish the updates.

I suppose I can say that I've been sluggish on this work because I don't feel very popular (low on O-rank) and I've had lots of other things to do for a long time.

Today and yesterday I was able to sit down, clear my mind, and just get to work. Other days generally weren't like that.

if you want to play my games, you'll have to get a Forge TV -- cuz my games are still Cortex/OUYA-exclusive.

I think you can still buy Forge TVs from the Amazon marketplace. Look it up.

But the sad and strange thing about working on video games, books, and blogs is that I often feel like someone hacks my files, changes my source code, inserts typos into my writing.

It's actually quite often I look back on something I typed out, and I don't remember making it be that way.

It does actually feel like there's a hacker or something that changes my files. Maybe it's just me --- but seriously, I'm doubtful often that all the typos are my own fault.


As for yesterday's story of finding mysterious Canadian Tire Money next to my emptied K-Cups on our outside picnic table ----

I asked my Dad --- "Guess what I found when I composted the coffee?"

He had no idea.

I told him how I didn't even notice it there while I was emptying the K-Cups --- but I said I found the bill.

He said he put it there. he said it had been wet and he put it there to dry.


To me, this makes my Dad seem weird. How'd he get is CTM wet, and why dry it outside on a picnic table???  Just seems a bit strange.

So ---- either my Dad is being a bit weird, or it was God or an angel or something and my Dad is still being a bit weird anyways.

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