Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Gears were turning in my head.

I was out with my father and brother today. And I silently thought to myself (my dad hates it when I talk it seems).

Remember that cropped screenshot from a few days ago where my Amazon Kindle Sales Report was entitled "Terms of Service" in the title bar?

That did seem a bit odd.

but today I thought about it.

Terms of Service.  What are the TERMS of SERVICE IN MORMONISM??? My books are heavily based on my life as a Mormon.

In Mormonism,

Service is a philosophy where you believe you will receive vaguely undefined blessings from working to help someone for free.

Amazon's "terms of service" were an empty sales report.

Mormonism's terms of service were clearly stated to be where you work for free.

Maybe that's what it was, maybe something like that was going on.

Is Mormonism really true? No and sort of. There are truths and good ideas mixed with falsehoods and bad ideas in that church. There are absolutely wonderful people in the church, and absolutely defective people ---- it's really a mixed bag.

The Mormon church has good things about it in ways, although it itself isn't necessarily the best thing --- I eventually got so annoyed with the situation there that I eventually refused to go back. Ever.

but, if I miss anything about it, it's true I sort of more or less miss the social aspect or social life of it. I'm much more lonely these days. But I'm comfortable anyways.

So yeah:::: Maybe I'm expected to work for free when telling crazy stories of Jesus appearing and all that ---- many people may view trying to profit off of stories like that as immoral.

From my perspective, I had a very interesting life, and it'd be really too bad if I couldn't profit from the story. But anyway.

My deal with God was I'd serve him for the rest of my life in exchange for exaltation.

Exaltation in the Mormon church entails marriage.

The church took away all the girlfriends I ever had and wouldn't let me get married. I'm not working for them anymore. End of story.

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