Friday, July 28, 2017

Thank You Everyone

It's 22:27 on July 28th ---- these are my last few hours of being a 32 year old --- so I guess I might as well thank everyone for the massive goodness they have done to me throughout my life to, perhaps, "keep me afloat" through or after severe difficulties.

I look at my sales and my blog ---- and though I have some interactions with some people, I'm not really hugely popular ----- and though I don't make much more than a disability benefit ---- I think I can tell that there is a greater community out there that tries to show me some love, even if it doesn't mean monetary reward.

Thanks, everyone ---- it's been great to receive "certain honors" that help keep me happy despite very poor circumstances in my life.

Other than "thanks" for all the kindness and emotional support ---- what else can I talk about?

I remember sometime last year I think it was my Chromebook disappeared, only to show up much later in a place where it wasn't supposed to be.

Now I'm missing two other items::::::

a stone of Blue Calcite, which I bought in Banff at their Rocks/Mineral store -----

and the Zippo and carrying case for it that I had since I was young has also disappeared.

I know --- Zippos are for smokers, and I don't smoke --- so why would I have one?

As children, my brother had a way of looking up to Indiana Jones as a role model --- and Jones had a zippo, so he needed a zippo too.

And, as young boys are, I was also compelled by young-boy-psychology to follow in my brother's lead and get a zippo too.

My Zippo was made of plain brass but had my given name engraved on it.

An interesting thing to note::: Finch, with their album "What it is to Burn", released a Zippo-like lighter with the special edition of their album --- I still have that today I think, but I never use it.

So yeah ------ my life has been so full of problems, I can only feel great gratitude for all the people who have attempted to make my existence more bearable. Thanks, everyone.

And like my Chromebook once disappeared ---- I am now missing my Blue Calcite stone and my Zippo lighter ----- so who knows.

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