Saturday, July 22, 2017

Supporting Benefits

Within the past 24 hours, I wrote an email to my Member of the Legislative Assembly requesting that the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped benefit be increased in value, to minimum wage levels.

I said I did a whole bunch of work, I paid lots of money to publish and advertise this work, and yet people just wouldn't pay me for my work -- not even the smallest price.

I'm in a situation where to pay for everything, including more work, I basically need more money.

My main source of income pays less than minimum wage, so it only seemed reasonable to increase it to minimum wage levels - as the Alberta Liberal Party has also indicated.

It's great that someone who claims to work in the entertainment industry, who speaks Japanese, would reach out to me and offer me so much money (millions) in order to "own" me - but I don't actually see any money and it is very difficult to read all the thousands of Japanese messages --- copy and paste into google translate, for such short messages, which there are thousands of, would definitely be a huge effort.

I don't mind paying tax. If I made millions, I would easily pay my taxes ---- I believe in the public good.

So, I'm basically in a situation where I would like to have more money ---- if I make millions I accept paying taxes, while if I'm still on benefits I do need more benefits to keep going.

You might ask "Why don't you just sue whoever infringed on  your copyright?"

First off:::: I don't really know WHO did that. I know someone did, but no idea who.

Secondly:::: Since I was very young I was trained to just forgive everything. Just to let everyone off the hook.

I may not sue anyone, but I do need more money to continue, and also to live well ---- so that's why I request an increase in my benefits - something one major (ok, maybe they are minor in Alberta) political party has already argued for.


It is absolutely awesome that compensation would be offered for all the inspiration others might take from me. Absolutely awesome. I just don't understand Japanese very well, and I don't actually see the money either.  It would also help to note, maybe, that my bank doesn't have a SWIFT code and doesn't do wire transfers.

So who knows what's going on ---- but for me to continue, I should have more money, whether it be compensation from the rich or increased benefits from the government.

I was taught to forgive everything.  That means I'm not much at enforcing rules --- I am based in love and plainly just respecting my fellow man, and I hope to receive respect in return.

and I could go into a detailed conversation about Christan/Mormon philosophy on that thought, but I won't.

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