Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Should I Regret it?

Yesterday I received what seemed like a really big opportunity that really spoke to my pride and my ego --- and it even seemed possible --- though maybe not totally reasonable.

Should I regret passing it up?

Another truth about my life is that I'm actually quite comfortable and happy with the way things have been for the past numerous years.

I am mentally ill, and I don't need more stress, as well as it may affect performance (maybe).

My household, which has 4 people and 3 incomes, is already making pretty close to 100k a year. We share with each other. It's a good life. Do I need more?

My family revenue streams will undergo some changes likely in the coming months --- I did some calculations and I think we'll still be doing pretty good with how things will eventually turn out to be going.

So yeah, that offer I received yesterday was something that really speaks to my ego and my pride ---- I just figured it was too stressful and too risky, and I'm happy with what I already have, I am pretty comfortable in life.

Of course, for the past long time I've been asking God about things, I could be doing. I finally get a chance at something, and I pass it up. That doesn't seem too good. Oh well.

If I had my own place to live, I would be lonely. If I got married, that could go any-which-way, but also is not entirely necessary.

Just comfortable where I am.

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