Friday, July 21, 2017


I was thinking about how much I would like to get to work on my new idea.

It's unknown how well this project will be received --- because again, it's not something I've seen before --- it is a more or less sort of an original idea for a game.

But history tells me that people don't pay me. And if people don't pay me, then there is NO point in risking going back into debt when I may not be able to recuperate the principal + interest from sales.

That's what Kickstarter seems to be about::: Gauging how interested an audience is in consuming a product, and if they are then letting them invest in it.

I've already been in pretty deep debt for projects that didn't pay. I am NOT doing THAT again.

So::: really, in order to continue with my next project, I do need money.

I do have money. But that's earmarked for dental work. I need more money. Preferably donations or payment for previous work.

Just paying for Unity 2017.1 Plus alone would be like $40CAD a month, which I am not willing to shell out right now especially when I'd still want to get other things as well. Doesn't work on my current budget, with my current capital.

Of course, before anyone donated to me --- You might think they'd want some idea what they are donating to.

Well, again, history indicates that OTHER PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE MY IDEAS TO SOME LEVEL ------ and therefore if I don't want to give away ideas, then I need to keep my ideas secret.

Remember Sk8er Boi? Like my actual life story.

Remember The Number  23? A distortion of my life story.

And in the past few weeks, I have discovered 4 recent or upcoming AAA film products that I can feel I can relate to either from my life or from my work.

Of course, these aren't exactly copies, and they are only elementally relatable or comparable ---- but it does appear that my ideas might've influenced some people.

And no, I'm not going to list these projects here. If you know my work, you might see a trailer for something which is similar.

I can only hope that some day I'll get paid.

Not only just to afford equipment for my next projects ---- but just to live my life. I live my life sort of "well enough" as it is ------ but my Mom will eventually retire from her job, and then it might be wise to have some more income from my work.

But yeah ---- if People aren't going to invest/donate to my next project, then the project either won't get built or will take a lot longer to build.

Who knows::: maybe the game market is so saturated no one will care --- maybe people think I'm evil or something. Maybe people are in too much debt (in Canada this is likely true).

Well, if most people are not interested or in too much debt ----- You'd think these people who might take some inspiration from my work would take steps to compensate me somehow -------

and It's possible they HAVE taken steps to compensate me.

But I don't actually see actual money anywhere, and it's really hard to read all the Japanese emails (the thousands of emails) that are hard to translate and too numerous to want to try ------  even though these emails MIGHT indicate that someone was or is willing to pay me.

I don't know.

It must be the biggest joke ever for a Japanese writer to offer me millions of dollars worth of currency ---- only to keep sending me more and more short messages in Japanese that I have no easy way of interpreting.

Copying and pasting all those messages into Google Translate takes a lot of time and effort.

It's millions of dollars being offered, but it seems like a joke when it takes so much effort just to read each short message. And there are thousands of these messages piling up.

Anyway --- it was an offer of millions, who knows how much that still stands, but the emails still come ------ and I'm not even sure if it was Sony or Disney.

Yeah --- I don't know. Maybe it's all a joke ------ except offering me millions, and then me seeing all these movies I relate back to myself and my own work ------- something might be going on.

And I'm still overburdened by the idea of paying for $40/month Unity Plus.

On a side note::: I just remembered a while back this Japanese person tried to set up a Snapchat account with my email address.  That's a sign that someone is truly trying to interact with me, but I didn't know the password to the account which was set up in Japanse with my address, so I didn't go for that ----- I made my own snap chat account.

I don't know. I have no one to snap chat with.

But yeah ---- someone out there is truly "interested" in me, sends me lots of emails I have difficulty reading, offers lots of money, I see movies I compare to ---- and who knows.

Maybe my next game should be for PS4 ---- but I need more documentation and resources definitely to do something like that. It's hard when I get thousands of short messages I can't really read --- i have like, little to no idea what's going on.

It just seems kind of funny.

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