Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New projest indefinitely stalls?

I've been thinking

What's the point of spending all that money on a new computer for "development" when such a weak computer would probably make a very weak development machine --- especially when history tells me I can't expect people to pay me for my work, and it will be a lot of work without reward?

What's the likelihood that I should rather use that money on something that is more likely to be more rewarding, yet takes less effort on my part?

Yes ---- it's messed up when a guy can be paid more for doing dick-all rather than for actual work. But hey, if that's the way it is, that's the way it is.


A few days ago I received a birthday wish from an LDS Bishop in an email. I responded with a bunch of stuff, including questioning why the LDS church doesn't have the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon ------ because if the LDS church was actually faithful to their beliefs, and if the church was true, then they would have the greater part or the greater 2/3rds of The Book of Mormon ---- which they don't, which means the LDS church is likely just not doing something right.

The next day I then proceeded to start reading the online book of The Sealed Portion by Christopher Nemelka, just to learn more about what he says. The first chapter of Lehi (which I already read) I found to be quite explanatory, although I don't necessarily still believe in Mormonism in any form.

Well, from my reading yesterday, I actually learned that BLAINE BANANATREE and THE BANANATREE SERIES OF VIDEO GAMES is actually a religious video game/ series.

I had no idea I was building a game based on any religion when I made those games ----- but if the Sealed Portion is accepted as an actual religious text, then technically I may have been inspired to write a religious video game without even knowing it. It's weird.

There are numerous ways my Bananatree games can be looked at ---- but the potential Mormon religion aspect of them was a big surprise to me. I had no idea. A big coincidence. I wouldn't have expected.

So now the first chapter of Lehi sounded extremely explanatory to me, and without me knowing my game series may have been inspired and relatable to a potential book of scripture. OMG.

But in all seriousness ---- according to Mormonism, if the LDS Church doesn't have the sealed 2/3rd greater part of the book of Mormon, that means they were not faithful to their beliefs ----- which explains why I experienced such difficulty with those people

Like, the non-faithful kind of difficulties I experienced were a ballerina girl who was a total Mormon who couldn't get kicked out who didn't believe in invisible ghosts and angels, such were just hallucinations to her, as well as the church telling me I'd work miracles and then forcing me on drugs for believing in miracles.

Yes ---- something is wrong with that whole shebang, and that explains why the LDS church doesn't have The Sealed Portion - it was withheld from them because of their lack of faith in their own stuff ---- most of them like or liked to get up to tell everyone how they knew the whole shebang was so completely true ----- but it looks like the actual truth was these people weren't even faithful to these things.  If they were faithful, but still no sealed portion ----- then there's a problem with the whole belief system right from the get-go.

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