Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Game Maybe?

Yesterday I got an email from Plan Canada that said my name has power. My blog gets enough international attention that maybe it does have some power. But, alas, to some I may be a villain, while to others I might be a sort of hero. You can't please everyone.

Anyway --- yeah, I gave my moral support to a Plan Canada campaign to end discrimination against women in developing countries so these women can get the medical help they need during childbirth. Lots of women die from childbirth complications in developing countries, so Plan just wanted my moral support in ending discrimination and finding treatment for all those women. I supported.

Of course, though I have some heart and essentially would like to see a better world where more women don't die at childbirth ------ I still might possess a stain from back earlier in my life where I was basically treated like I was a threat to the girl I loved, and as such I myself will never get married. You see, I was treated like a threat to the girl I loved, that concept got passed into The Number 23 movie----- and yeah, it kind of makes me seem so bad that I will never reproduce.

Am I actually that bad? I don't think so -------- I haven't hurt a female since my childhood roughhousing with my sister when we were kids -------- but still, ah maybe I'm just being foolish --- but I think I enjoy just living with my parents now. And I don't have enough income to actually have my own family.  But yeah ---- I support some women's rights despite previously being more or less accused of being a threat to the girl I loved.


And I have an idea for a new video game. If I build this and complete it, it'll probably be the biggest project for a video game I have EVER worked on. This project will involve me paying for someone else's help with artwork (unless you want to see my really-shitty art), so I'm going to need to get some funding together in order to afford this project. No, I don't need a Kickstarter, I'm just waiting to be able to get access to some savings I have right now.

I can only hope that this project is within my abilities. But I do feel enough drive making me want to go for it.

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