Monday, July 24, 2017

My MLA's office replied

A little while ago I received a reply from my MLA's office.

There are no plans to increase the monthly aish living benefit.

But they had two suggestions for me::::

One was a business that sells lightly-worn laptops for cheaper. I went the website and found very little information.

The other was the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

I could make an application for my project, and if approved, I could receive some funding money.

I'm sitting here ---- that sounds like work, but it also sounds like fun.

Is my idea really worth it?

My idea is basically kind of like a self-employment kind of thing to keep myself busy. It is also a unique idea I have never seen before in the way that I'm thinking of it.

I start feeling a little bit scared anxious or nervous at this point.

I would have something to do. The more funding I get, the better I'd be able to do the job (like seriously:::: with funding I could purchase usage of actual music rather than creative commons).

It's exciting that this might be an opportunity ------ I just wonder if my idea for a video game is really worth it. It's unique as far as I know ---- and it would be quite a bit of work I think.

How likely are people to actually "go" for such a project though?

Another thing::: If I get funded by the government, then I might end up going on Cortex again anyway, as I wouldn't need to actually get paid as much with government funding.

Of course --- it would be wise to use the latest unity I can (2017.1) ---- and that will mean expenses for me.

yeah.  Anyway.  Just things to think about and feelings about it to drive me nuts.

At least my MLA's office was happy to hear from me.

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