Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Canada 150th Anniversary Post

I was the first in my family to get up from bed this morning (as is pretty much always the case).

I used my Christmas Keurig to make myself some coffee, poured myself a bowl of special birthday cake froot loops, ate all that, and sat down on the sofa.

Yesterday I bought a book entitled "The World Needs More Canada" from a local bookstore, and this morning, alone, as my family slept, I went through many of the pages.

The book is the testimonies and statements of numerous famous Canadians, most artists of some kind, talking about what Canada means to them, or what it means to be Canadian, or some variation of that kind of discussion.

The book, of course, included Chris Hadfield, who is noted in the book to be an "Inter-Galactic Rock Star". His testimony was definitely quite patriotic.

Lots of very interesting stuff in that book.

But I noticed, from looking at the Index at the back, that Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber were not included in the pages.

I thought about my life, my experiences, and realized: "Yes, there are probably some pretty good reasons why they were left out".

Avril Lavigne is my hero, but it's enough to say that there was a dysfunctional situation in her fan club, and really, it wasn't very good. I'm like the Sk8er Boi but they reject me. Like that was honorable or made sense in any way.

When my Mom woke up I told her I had been reading the book --- and the book is really pretty awe-inspiring about Canada.

But then I thought about my own life as a Canadian. Looking back on my childhood, and into my adulthood, and I realized::::: There is something really quite dysfunctional about many people, or especially children.

Basically, as we grow up in school, and all that, we have the wisdom of the ages readily available at our fingertips ----- and yet, in my experience, so many young people seemed to just ignore all the good ideas people have had over time. Yes, it was pretty dysfunctional.

But I will say this for Canada:::: It is absolutely amazing and magnificent, more or less, how much tolerance was given to me despite the absolute dysfunction I experienced in my life. In any other country, my life may have turned out so much worse considering the situations ---- but here in Canada I was taken care of, freed from a bad situation, tolerated despite almost becoming a sociopath (more or less) and they even really, really tried or have helped me. This country has a constitutionally enshrined education system, so I had the opportunity to learn and do my best with my own ability.

I do believe that Canada is a really great country, I realize that my situation would very much likely be so much worse in pretty much any other country.

Life dealt me a pretty bad hand in life, but in Canada, it actually turned out pretty well.

One quote or variation of a quote from the book I read said: "We have billionaires who were born in caves". Some variation or something like that. This very much may be considered the truth of myself, in some figurative sense.

So yeah, there were a lot of really great things to read about it that book. Great book for today and I recommend it, although I am aware:::::

That a lot of people apparently can't spend money on things, because my own sales were dismal as well as because::::: SHARETHEMEAL from the WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME at the UNITED NATIONS was TRYING to raise 150,000 meals from Canada to celebrate, and they even got a well known Canadian TV Celebrity to be their ambassador for this project, but as of this moment they have only received donations for 7,210 meals from just 119 people. That's less than 5% of the goal ON THE DAY the goal was supposed to be achieved (or something like that).

I am afraid that many Canadians do face financial hardship, and that must explain why sales may have been so lackluster, and why this charitable celebration project seems to have hit a brick wall.

Let's not forget at Avril Lavigne's last birthday charity fundraiser that she didn't even meet her goal, and most of the money that was donated was donated by a business that would likely have been able to afford it.

So, let's look forward to a future where everyone can be taken care of, where automation increases because of technology and everyone gets by with, perhaps, the one-day future hope or plan of a Universal Basic Income. Look it up, you can study the concept. All major parties in Canada believe it's a good idea, they just don't get along about how to implement it and are probably not working very hard on implementing it, but it is an idea for the future of our country, and other western countries. But anyway.


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