Sunday, July 2, 2017

Making a Public Prediction

For a long time, people did not give my belief in telepathy any credit. But, nowadays psychologists and psychiatrists are more accepting and willing to let me have my belief.

In my experience, there are times when the telepathic information I receive is so eerily connected to reality, that I have developed a great deal of faith in certain kinds of information I receive.

So, now, on this blog, I will announce a prediction.

The thoughts giving me this prediction more or less make sense, and they have been repeated so often for the past several weeks that I am willing to believe it will come true.

The prediction:::::

Some day, probably in the not-too-distant future, I will experience a substantial gain in my personal wealth.

My commentary::::

Most of my money is now being lost to pay for dental work. But, I have done so much work without pay that I likely, cosmically, actually deserve more than what I am given or have.

I do not know exactly what this increase in wealth will be::: it could be an increase in my government benefits to minimum wage level, it could be maybe that I'll somehow acquire my own place to live (just a guess) --- there are so many possibilities for what it could be that I likely can't list it all here because I can't even imagine it.


And yeah, this is really good news. I've been hearing it more or less repeatedly in my mind for quite the past while ---- so as I have experienced, this is the sort of thing I would believe would come true.

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