Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lots of News

Unfortunately, just a day after posting how I would like to receive Bitcoin donations in order to help begin work on my next video game --- boom, I found news that says sometime around July 31st there will or may be a Bitcoin network disruption where it will be unwise to try to spend or receive bitcoins.

This is highly unfortunate. The network held such promise.

But yeah, if it's true that the world or people really are as poor as I hear --- then maybe I can't expect to receive much funding. Debt is rampant.


But last night after watching a Netflix show about how rampant debt is ----- I thought I received a telepathy involving two of my old friends from school.

They were shocked by something. I couldn't quite figure out what they were shocked by, I made two guesses in the email I wrote about the contact.

Now I wonder if they were shocked by the news of Chester Bennington's death.

How sad is that??? It was shocking to me too.

Years ago when I was in Avril's fan club, she had a form for us fans to fill out where she asked questions like "What are your favorite bands?" and "Who is your favorite singer?"

I did actually have Chester Bennington listed as my favorite singer ---- on Avril's fan club.

Maybe Avril didn't like that ------ but back then at that time, I was very impressed by his music.

It's so sad to see him go.


And in more mentalism news:::: I just happened to see some daytime tv today where they presented a mentalist named "Bobby Motta".

I am very impressed.

I would say he is actually basically more skilled at the trade than I've been, more or less.

And now I might have some realization about some of the hallucinations I felt when I was younger:::: of course doctors said it was schizophrenia ------- but it may actually have been me feeling what someone else actually feels. On their skin.

I thought it was ghosts ---- but what if it was mentalism? Who knows.


Well, this blog post has information related to other media outlets --- which I think is not something that is very necessary to post on blogger ----- but all the stories I relate to myself in my own life, in actual truthful ways, so I wonder if that makes it OK.

I think blogger has a rule against copying other sites and reposting the same old news ---- but in this post, I really am just relating some news back to myself.

Like, it would actually be irresponsible for me to ask for donations on Bitcoin, find out there could be a disruption, and then not tell anyone who might potentially donate to me. It kind of has to be said here.

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