Monday, July 10, 2017

I guess I'm considered a business??

Obviously, the banks are watching.

I'm guessing my chequing account bank really likes that I'm actually TRYING to do something, so they for the past year or two have been giving/offering me special not-for-the-public high-interest savings rates on my accounts.

And though I do everything as an individual, I am really just me working as myself --- pretty much like a STAR ------ (like self-employed kinda) not really as an actual business.....

My bank has sent me TWO emails from their BUSINESS department now.

I really am just an individual trying to make an extra buck for myself ----- (maybe even to someday start an actual business if I am successful at what I've already tried, which I haven't been)

but the bank sees fit apparently now to send me an email from the business department - though I don't own any business accounts.

Anyway --- their business email basically advertises that you can give gold or silver as a gift to someone for their wedding or whatever milestone.

AND YES ---- If you want to buy Silver ---- NOW IS AN ESPECIALLY DECENT TIME ---- The price of Silver is especially low as of late --- really good time to buy.

Here is my warning, however::::: My understanding is that there is a supposed collusion of bankers who are actually deliberately keeping the price of silver artificially low. So, the price of silver might not go much higher until these bankers stop artificially lowering the price.

So, it's a real good time to buy silver ---- but you have to be real patient for it to go up to a non-artificial value.

My broker says most advisers consider silver to be in a bear market right now. That means the prices are low --- and it's a good time to buy, with a hope that prices will go up some day.

Remember: Buy low sell high.

Silver is really low.

It's supposedly artificially suppressed.

really great time to buy.

But who knows when it'll turn into a bull market.

Who knows if the bankers will deflate the price even lower.

Who knows.


I took a closer look at the email from this bank.

The email LOOKS VERY REAL. It even calls me by my name. It's sent to my proper email address.

But the domain that sent the email I do not fully recognize as an official domain of this bank unless it's something new.

And the link in the email also looks questionable just from looking at it.

The email looks so real.  But usually, I consider things like this fake when I see the wrong address or wrong linking URL.

If it's fake, then it's scary that a "fraudster" would know my name and know where I bank, plus my email.

I can only hope it's a real email ---- but the domains they have listed in their addresses don't look official.

I went to a browser and visited the domain that sent the email.

It's basically got the under-construction temporary page from the website service provider.

The name of the provider is "hover".

My game name on various platforms is "Hover Finch". Yeah, strange.

What's it all mean? OMG.

It looks like a very real email from the business department directed directly at me ----- but the URLs in the email are questionable, and the name of the domain service provider is the same word I use in my own gaming moniker.

Just so strange.

Should I be scared? This is a bit weird.

Either it is the bank or it isn't.

If it's real, then the bank is using confusing addresses.

If it's not real --- then that's really scary how they know my name and where I bank.

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