Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Did Someone Try to Buy Something?

I woke up a while ago, early in the morning, and checked my email. As of 18 minutes ago, I got an email that says:

"7 USD online purchase"

In the subject line. It is sent to the wrong email address, but it sure got my hopes up that someone wanted to buy something from the bitcoin store.

But no, there's no purchased item listed, no address, although this could be a name.

ITEM 9 (an earlier version of TES) is the closest priced item in my store, but it's still a bit more expensive than 7 USD.

Anyway, no address listed, I can't really help.

There is a "Get more information" link ----- AGAIN it just goes to that same old "TMZ" weight-loss article.

I wonder what that's all about. Is my email censored? Is someone having a joke? Who knows.

So, yeah, there aren't enough details in this email, and it says USD, not bitcoin --- so I'm not sure I can help.

Although on you can get a paperback of TES for about $8.


In other news, I've had 25 game downloads since my updates to Pfhonge and ICBM.

That is a REALLY great result after offering the updates.

Of course, at least 10 of those downloads were pre-release downloads from Razer, so it's awesome that there were 5 downloads of Pfhonge and 10 downloads of ICBM after release. 1 of each of those games was myself downloading my own game I think.

There is one almost-sort-of "bug" in ICBM I found --- it may be a feature, but who knows ----

When you save the game and quit, restart the game and load your save --- 1 of your 3 saves is already used ------ the way to get back to 0 saves used is to reboot your console before you restart the game and reload your save.


So yeah, the recent "business" almost became awesome. but it wasn't enough to actually make an order. Ugh.

Was it trying to tell me that someone bought the paperback from a different retailer? Who knows.

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