Tuesday, July 4, 2017

An Email from a Friend? Again?

Just moments ago I just received YET ANOTHER one of those weird emails claiming to be from someone I actually know.

The two emails I've received like this thus far both link to supposed to news stories that are supposed to be about or somehow in relation to myself.

I click the link::: I only get redirected to a "TMZ" article about weight loss, same old weight loss story.

I guess I might be famous or something. And maybe the internet is censored for me --- and I'm not really allowed to know how rich I actually am.

A Canadian bank uses or used the slogan "You're richer than you think". I bet.

I look at my game ranks on the Forge TV Cortex store, and I really have to wonder.

For a long time now, CvB has been ranked #7 in its genre, which is a pretty good rank, and only two sales reported --- while like 45 downloads reported.


It's like they're giving away free copies of my game, and that's enough to rank me pretty well.

of course, I'm ranked lowly on the O-Rank.

Just have to wonder.

And of course, there might even be, either truthfully or a conspiratorial deception, news designed to make you think that EVERYONE or MOST PEOPLE are too poor to afford a buck or two. Huh.

I'm just thankful I can live comfortably without extra income from books and games.

It's just that I'd have more options in my life if I made more money from my work. It's not totally necessary, but that's what I would've hoped for (and I'm saying this just after a post telling reasons I don't the extras. Hah).

So yeah, weird emails that claim to be from a friend linking to news stories about me that get censored and replaced by a TMZ article about weight loss.

Yeah, fame. Huh.

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