Saturday, July 8, 2017

A number of interesting and strange things to say

I've got a bunch of ground to cover in this post, so here goes::

Today while I drank coffee while everyone else watched the Bowness Stampede Parade --- I realized that yesterday, July 7th 2017, was indeed a special day.

Not only was it "777" day, but my next birthday from this day would be my 33rd birthday in 22 days.

Yup, my 33rd birthday is 22 days after 777 day.

Don't worry, I used yesterday as a day to ask God to bless the world.


So, I've done Pfhonge version 2.2.0 update. It fixes a bug, optimizes for Android TV 6.0.1 and increases the number of allowed free plays.

I told Cortex that the update took so long because I don't feel very encouraged by the lack of popularity I seem to be experiencing on the platform.

Then, I made myself another cup of coffee --- when I remembered and realized that my parents wanted me to put the coffee from my used K-Cups in the compost.

So I took the K-Cups outside, and with a bucket on a kid's picnic table in our yard, I emptied the used coffee into the bucket.

I took the coffee bucket to the compost and came back to retrieve the used plastic part of the k cups.

I was met with something REALLY strange::::

Right next to my emptied k-cups, I found a safely-placed 10 cent bill of Canadian Tire Money.


Who on earth would put their Canadian Tire Money next to the work I just completed? I didn't notice it before. It was so strange.

I remember, as I wrote in The Book of Finch, coming home from church and finding money from who knows where in my pockets -------

but now, after predicting I'd have an increase, after working on an update, after a special day, after doing as my parents ask::: BOOM ---- Canadian Tire money I find as if I was receiving payment - kind of.

It's only 10 cents CAD and only redeemable at a store here in Canada called "Canadian Tire" --- automotive, sporting and outdoor goods store.

If my Dad put that CTM there ---- that makes little to no sense.

If it was Jesus ---- I have to wonder if Jesus really knows how much this bill is really worth (it's mostly worthless).

back in 2001 "God" gave me $22.  Now he's paid me 10 cents. Huh.

yeah, just interesting and weird.

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