Friday, June 9, 2017

Tried Advertising Again

I tried advertising The Eagle's Sore again. This time with Amazon Marketing Services. The results make me sad.

I set a campaign budget of $100USD. The campaign would last a couple months.

I had 3,358 impressions.

Those impressions got 23 clicks.

Those clicks cost me $4.59.

And there were ZERO reported sales.

Actually, when you look at the Ebook for The Eagle's Sore on, the book went from not being sold/not on the bestseller's list to finally being listed on the best seller's list.

According to the book's page on, the book did sell a copy ------ but after days of waiting for that sale to show up in reports, there was nothing reported.

As you might imagine, this all seems very sad to me.

People ripped off The Eagle's Sore in droves from pirating sites and took it for free in droves ----- but for some reason with a few dollars in the price tag, all of the sudden no one can afford it.

I guess it must be a real struggle to have money for people who aren't on disability like me when pretty much nobody can actually buy a product for a small price.

I mean, I can't even afford to learn to drive a car (much less buy a car) ---- yet so many people out there who aren't disabled do own cars ----- but they apparently can't just pay a small price for my products.

Just something weird about that.

People will rip me off in droves, and nobody can be honest.

I guess that explains why some theologians or people who experience "death visions" report that there will be much more people in hell than in heaven. This might be an offensive thing to say, but seriously "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL" ----- When most people won't pay a small price and will steal, I can only think that God is going to have a problem with that. You have to be pretty forgiving as a thief to get forgiven yourself.

Yeah, I'm just spending my money to advertise, and it's sad how nobody will spend anything to pay me for my work. So sad.

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