Saturday, June 3, 2017

Living with Pain

My last post "Psychiatry is Wonderful" I deleted because it seemed like, I dunno, something I didn't really need to have on this website.

What I will say right now though is this:::

My life is peaceful and calm now, I'm mostly happy.

But my memories are a pain. It's like a psychological wound.

I just have too many memories playing over and over again of people who don't care to even try being somehow good.

There are actually a lot of people in my experience who seemed to have no good intentions.

Sometimes people praise "freedom of speech" --- but why?

On TV, the newly elected Federal Conservative leader said he would remove federal funding from universities who denounced free speech.

But is free speech really such a good thing? Opposing viewpoints are important to listen to ----

But when half your classmates at school are trying to hypnotize you to do something illegal ---- when does free speech become a problem?

I mean, free speech is just that --- say whatever you want. Free expression allows you to say it however you want.

I just have memories of classmates at school repeatedly trying to hypnotize me to be a bad person, without going into detail.

Free speech is just that -it's free ------ so when is it wrong to tell others to do things that are illegal?

To be honest, I've lived enough life to know that a lot of people don't filter anything they say --- it's just straight up bullshit with so many people ------ and many of the problems I have experienced in my own life were likely caused or influenced just by people saying whatever the fuck bullshit they ever wanted to say.

Anyway ---- just saying that I have really bad memories that play over and over again ----- and a lot of it is just people saying a bunch of bullshit that actually isn't right.

Part of the problem is that some people are not "fully educated" and don't know the right things to say.

But I am suffering psychologically. Just have memories of too many problems.

How is it that so many people just don't care about goodness? Good behavior leads to a prosperous life - how can it be any other way? And yet so many people in my experience just did not behave well.

I guess I'm pretty messed up. But seriously::: what kind of students at school attempt to hypnotize their classmates to do illegal things? I mean, seriously. There is something wrong.

My life is so completely messed up, and I'm just trying to recover.

Now I'm just rambling on. It can just be too much to put up with sometimes. And some people just don't seem to have the brains to understand how their behavior really affects others.

Anyway, I'm just suffering psychological -- life is good, peaceful calm, but I have too many bad memories replaying. It sucks. Why do people do that? It's just the stupidest thing.

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