Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Unpublished my Amazon Kindle Ebooks

So, in the coming time, you should start seeing that my Amazon Kindle Ebooks --- ALL of them --- will no longer be available.

Why? I am unpublishing them.


Years ago I bought a Kindle ebook from myself when AuthorHouse was my publisher. The sale wasn't reported, yet I was able to prove there was a sale and they then gave me the royalty. This was a sign that something was wrong.

Just this past month, I decided to advertise The Eagle's Sore on Amazon's service. Lots of people clicked my link, but there were no reported sales. In fact, according to the TES ebook web page on Amazon, the book just hit the bestseller list, which should mean it did sell a copy --- but still, no sale reported.

Then there are a number of reports that you can Google that say Amazon does, in fact, have shady business practices.

Well, ALL these years, having distributed so many books, and yet not getting paid for it, something is clearly wrong ---- so I'm taking down my Kindle Ebooks.

I'm pretty sure my books had wide or at least somewhat massive distribution --- I was once contacted by a man from Africa who really really liked me for my Mormonism, and this would only have happened from reading my book ------ but I don't really get paid.

Basically, something was wrong, so I think I'm going to start restricting my book distribution to this website.

Maybe I'll keep the paperbacks going ---- but if I do publish my next book, I'll probably keep it only on this website for availability.

So, now at this point, my book should become only available as a paperback. No more Kindle --- no more ebooks. Something just wasn't working.


Someone wanted to sign my public email up for a dating website. I mean, it's so weird how much misuse my email gets, while actual legitimate use is extremely limited.

And this isn't the first time someone tried to sign me up for a dating website.

Anyway, I'm not very interested in girls or relationships anymore. When I wasn't making money from my work, that was a sign that I shouldn't reproduce. I can't afford it.

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