Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I actually got a real email!!!

holy crap --- I actually got a REAL email.

It comes from someone at the University of Toronto.

They're advertising a job opening.

Something about handling delinquent accounts.

1) I can't handle the people who don't pay me - am I the best for the job at this point?

2) Maybe I could gain experience in dealing with people who don't pay.

If it's in Ontario, then I'd have to move and lose my Alberta benefits ---- probably not the best move.

Actually ---- I will note that it did cross my mind that maybe if my email is censored, that it's censored because if people email me, why should I want to talk to them if they don't pay me a small amount for my work?  And, well, most people just don't pay - so maybe whoever might be censoring me is just protecting me, perhaps.

But yeah, just interesting to get an ACTUAL email.

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