Saturday, June 17, 2017

First Poem I've Written in Years

When I Was Young
by Kris Attfield
June 17th, 2017

When I was young
I wasn't dumb
I was good in schools
And I obeyed the rules

My future looked so bright
But something wasn't right
Mistreatment abuse and debauchery
really took a toll on me

So on a day of disaster long ago
I fell apart - my mind was blown
So many people wanted to help
But some people wanted me in hell

I've grown up now,
I'm fatter now,
I'm missing teeth now,
I'm blinder now,
I'm worn out now

My psychic power is limited
my creativity is limited
I try and try and try and try
But I am immobilized

By the fact that I do not drive
I can't go places, I have to arrange rides
And I tried to work to grow in life
But I'm disabled and the knife
cuts a tiny piece of GDP pie for me
not enough to spend on lessons see?

So I try to be good
But the world is bad
And I become rude
And everyone's sad

I wish I could work and learn and grow
But old and worn out and with payment unknown
Is the way that I have become
When Jesus comes back, I hope I'll be young.

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