Friday, June 9, 2017

Dressed like it's the 30s.

It's 11:31pm so I have 29 minutes to write this post before the next day.

Today I was at the zoo--- and I was shopping at Superstore and Costco --------- that's how I got all that exercise I mentioned in my last post.

But something was weird. At the zoo I saw these dark-skinned individuals hanging around who were dressed up like they came from a past era --- the 30s I'm guessing it was.

The clothes were stylish suits, with a stylish hat, and maybe as you might imagine a jazz musician of the time to appear.

They were at the zoo. And I remember seeing them at Costco too --- as if they had followed our family.

Was today some special 'dress up like it's the 30s' day for a black community in Calgary?

Because I'm starting to wonder if I was actually seeing ghosts.

At Costco, I was in the restaurant area beyond the cashiers, as I waited for my Mom to check out. Right next to me a guy from the 30s showed up, and he walked from the "buy everything beyond this point" part to the "pick up the things you are going to buy" area --- he was walking through the store backward.

Just a little interesting and strange.  Why are the at the zoo and Costco? Why did the one at Costco not have anything to buy, yet he was past the cashiers, yet walked back into the store area? Strange behavior, strange clothing --- unusual in our day and age.

I'm basically just wondering what I was seeing.

Was I seeing ghosts? Were ghosts following me around today?

I mean, how do you explain these people at the zoo and at the store I just happened to be shopping at?

Just very strange.

They looked vivid and realistic as if they were just normal people. The clothing was from a different time, however.

I will also note another "differently" dressed people I saw at the zoo:::: I thought they were Amish of some sort, except they spoke plain English - not German or anything like that.

Basically, a bunch of white people from a long time ago who you would think are like the Hutterites or Mennonites of today, the Amish. But they spoke English.

Not sure. Ghosts again maybe? Really not sure.

So::: what should I do about that?

I should note:::: My sister's daughter is getting baptized into the LDS Mormon church soon. I wonder.

Just wondering if they were actually ghosts/spirits.  I should mention that the term "ghost" or "spirit" is pretty much synonymous, basically, the same thing, or at least, as a Mormon would understand they are basically the same thing.

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