Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Update on Stuff

You know that poem I published a few days ago

BAH --- Stupid Crashing Laptop. I just had to restart my computer because somehow writing on blogger likes to crash this machine. Oh, darn it.

Anyway, that poem I wrote a few days ago: two things:

1) I looked up the word "debauchery" in a couple dictionaries. The word does not quite mean what I thought it meant. But it was still an OK word to use in that context anyway.

2) I said "I'm blinder now" in the poem. Truth was, a day or two before I wrote that poem I was accidentally shot in the eye with a nerf dart, leaving me partially blind in peripheral vision in low-light conditions. Good news::: I think I'm getting my sight back.

Whether my sight is returning because of natural law, or whether it's because of Jesus, or a friend praying for me, or a small chant I used to invoke a self-healing process, whatever it was, I think my sight is coming back, it's improving. Yay.

As for my bitcoin store::: well, if advertising on Amazon, or trying to sell books elsewhere or video games is any indication, I can't really expect people to buy.

The thing was though, for a long time I could put something up for sale on EBAY and it would most likely sell within days.  Somehow, now, people just won't buy things from me. My store has only been up for a day so we can give it some time.

All the reports I hear are that people just don't have the cash.

It's weird when I was young my family was quite poor, and I always saw everyone else as almost always being richer than me Now that I'm older, somehow I'm the rich one and most other people aren't so rich. Strange how that is.

But yeah, I was talking to a family member a day ago, and though he works at a real job and is really honorable, somehow I'm able to afford a dental implant, while he wouldn't have been able to.

So, who knows if I'll every sell anything in my bitcoin store. People are apparently just very poor, which means the tables have turned since my childhood.

Of course, unfortunately, when most people are poor, that means I'm unable to sell anything. Unfortunate.

So, I should post this entry before my laptop crashes again.  It's so annoying how unstable the software is on this hardware. Sometimes it runs for a long time without problem --- but often it will invariably eventually crash. So annoying.

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