Friday, June 9, 2017

Amazon Relevant Email. Sort of.

I checked my email a little while ago.

Usually, the messages that seem like spam don't seem relevant and seem to be fake.

But today I got a message that claimed to be from "THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO" ----- and it had something to do with Amazon.

My interest is piqued.

All the message said was "Hi", "3 Messages" and a link to click on.

So I clicked the link::: Just another one of those spammy weight loss articles.

Now I'm confused. Fake emails send weight loss articles like that.

But mentioning Amazon is relevant, and the U of Idaho should be respectable ---- so the message said very little except for a link to a spammy weight loss article.

Anyway::: got your message. Who knows what you are trying to say.

But::: about me losing weight::: today I actually got over 30 minutes of exercise, which is unusual for me, as well as I quadrupled my daily move goal on my Apple watch. yay.

Anyway:::::: just saying I got your message U of I person::: it intrigued me at first, but the link was just the same old spammy article [topic] other spams send.

So:: no idea. Lots of strange emails claiming to be from facebook and google, but they probably aren't.

A relevant email claiming to be from the U of I, and it was just an unexpected message on the link.

So::: I got your message, and yes, I got a bunch of exercise today, but I'm not sure what losing weight as to do with my website and life topic of Amazon.


On a side note, I've been writing with the help of Grammarly for a little while now, and I am noticing there are some bugs in the program which give suggestions which are actually wrong. I know my English well enough, and some of the "errors" are actually correct, and the corrections are errors. Just saying.

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