Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Told the Psychiatric Clinic

For the past several hours our home power has been out due to maintenance. I disconnected my electronics from the wall (for safety) the night before so I didn't forget to do so.

Yesterday after I posted my video on youtube (linked to in my last post) I started to feel very nervous, I had a kind of bad feeling. I wasn't dishonest, I just felt nervous. Not butterflies in my stomach, but I felt a bit scared.

And as I was writing the above, we got a phone call my Dad decided to screen --- and the answering machine message picked up the voice of a man who swore at us. Huh. Looks like a big problem maybe?

BUT ---- Shortly after posting that video I got a comment on youtube from "Epic Radio" that said "dope!" ---- awesome,

and today I saw my psychiatrist, the psychiatrist politely accepting my results from mental testing, while the psychiatric nurse got really quite excited about my news of yesterday's video.

The doctors used to seem to have a problem with psychic-type-stuff ----- now they are totally open to it.

So, yeah, weirdly yesterday I felt rather nervous about my latest youtube post, and just as I was writing this post someone was swearing at us on our answering machine ---- so who knows.

Yeah, something is wrong, my Dad has gotten a little paranoid again.

But it's also completely right the completely positive response I've received from others, most people so far seem pretty happy about my results.

I mostly feel fine now, I feel good or OK ---- but last night just had a kind of bad feeling. I was being totally honest, however.

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