Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Strange Emails on stuff

For a long time now, I'd get all these fake emails at my icloud account claiming to be from Google, and most of the time I just ignored them, but on the few I actually clicked on the link --- it would always lead me to this weight loss story on the internet.

Just moments ago, I received an email that claimed to be from an old LDS Family Friend of ours --- in the email "she" says "hi, how are you? I thought you might find this interesting" -- and then there's a link to a "news site" that involves my name in the URL.

So I look at the link.  Again, just the same old weight loss story.

I look at the email for "my old LDS friend" --- it comes from the California Business Properties Association.

Confusing. I didn't think she lived in California, though I am aware that she has traveled a lot.

I think someone else, who doesn't want to be known, is trying to give me a hint that I should lose weight.

Yeah - I weigh a lot.

Here's the good news::: I've only bought two fast food cheeseburgers since March 8th 2017. I've been off the cheeseburger diet.

I've also had to punch a hole in my belt so my pants don't fall off.

I think I am slowly losing weight, now that I no longer have my fast food addiction.

So yeah::: whoever you are who just sent an email claiming to be from an old friend --- yeah, I'm losing weight.

I have suspicions about who sent me this email, but I won't say who. I just realize it's not likely actually from my old LDS friend.

So whatever.

What I suspect is someone else saw her on my friends list on facebook, took her name, attached it to an email, and wants me to lose weight. Not naming who I think it was however.

But, the person likely has some connection with California, as it came from a California business properties address ---- and there's only one person I can think of who I have any great relationship with in California. Right? :)

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