Saturday, May 13, 2017

Strange Coincidence -- I wonder why

I heard about all those Ransomware attacks out there in the world today --- people's data is being held hostage in exchange for money.

I look at my own life, and I'm going "what the ****?"

I don't use windows. I doubt this ransomware problem will affect me.

But what I wonder is this::: why did my crown magically fall out of my mouth??

I went to the dentist to have it glued back in, but the dentist was saying he couldn't glue it back in due to decay, and that I now have to give him a lot of money in order to get an implant, or else I'll have a gimped mouth and I'll never chew the same way again.

Basically, most people are having their data ransomed for money.

I basically had my mouth chewing capabilities ransomed for a load of money as well.

How did these two apparently unconnected occurrences suddenly happen at about the same time in the year?

What spiritual force would knock my crown out of my mouth and why??

I tried talking to my Dad about it ---- he didn't believe me that the loss of my crown may have had some spirituality involved ----- he summed it up as not enough brushing or flossing.

My rebuttal to that is that running up to the loss of my crown my dental health was very good, and no amount of brushing or flossing was going to keep my crown stuck in my mouth, as the part of my mouth that unstuck the crown was underneath the crown and inaccessible to brushing and flossing.

It's just way too coincidental that I would lose my crown at about the same time all these ransomware attacks would come up.

I remember the day before my crown fell out ----- I could feel or sense a deep spiritual anger, I wasn't angry at anyone, but it was like I was feeling a spirit that was deeply pissed off.

Just weird how my mouth got ransomed at the same time windows' users data was ransomed ---- and I may have sensed or suspected spiritual involvement, regardless of how my Dad doesn't want to blame the paranormal for anything.

Just strange. I got ransomed for my chewing, and then the whole world gets ransomed for their data. So strange.  And I know there was a spiritual problem.

The day before I lost my crown, my Dad was all complaining about how we have to spend $17 to dispose of an old fridge at the dump ---- he wasn't even paying and yet he was complaining ------ did that negativity help cause my problem? If you read The Power by Rhonda Byrne, it may have caused the problem.

Well, there you go, my Dad couldn't accept a simple 17 dollar bill, he had to get all cheap-skatey and whiney about it, so now I'm down an additional $5000, and my Dad doesn't even see how spirituality may be involved here. Good job dad.


In other news, more strange things:::: There's this iOS game I've been playing for a year or two now, and I've probably spent at least two or three hundred dollars on it over the years -----

I used to have a decent time at this game, I'd spend money, get upgrades, and I was having great fun ------

But more recently it's almost impossible to win.  The difficulty level on the game has increased soo---dramatically.

I used to be pretty good at it, I'd keep the developer fed with my payments, and he'd increase my skill ------ but now I'm just being torn apart by most of the opposition.  Weird.

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