Thursday, May 4, 2017

Positive Thinking is Good

Here's my little story from today about positive thinking's benefits:::

Yesterday I could feel it in my heart, like an angry spirit who wants to destroy me. I'm serious. I have nothing to be angry about, yet in my heart I could sense the anger of some spirit who wants to bring me down.

Well, lo and behold I woke up this morning --- and a situation developed. The best fix for this situation is going to be pretty expensive.

The really great news is that I can afford it.

When I told my Dad about the cost he immediately went into cheap-skate mode (he's been a cheapskate for a long time) and he was turning negative about the cost -----


Then as we went to get drinks at a corner store, I said "Maybe I'll win $10,000 on the Poker Lotto" ----

So now I've got my Dad in a positive mood, I said something really positive --- as I bought my $6 ticket I was thinking positive thoughts of winning the big prize -----

and BOOM ---- I won two prizes on the instant win.  $6 total, which means I got a free ticket essentially, and I'm good for three entries on the draw tonight.

Positive thinking is a magnificent force ------- I wish my family had discovered such attitudes long ago.

But yay!!! We were being at least mildly positive, and boom ---- two instant win prizes paying the cost of the ticket right up front.

Hopefully we'll keep this up.

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