Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Part of God's Plan?

My sister who doesn't live in my city was just over at our house for a little while to pick up my Dad so he could drive her back to her city.

The reason my sister came to town is I think because she went to the bridal shower (or whatever a female stag party is called) of her friend, who is getting married this week.

As my sister was walking through our kitchen, I suddenly realized something::: Me losing my crown, my tooth, at this time in my life, just before this wedding, may have been part of God's plan.

Why do I say this?

Because the dentist who pulled my tooth today is the father of girl getting married, my sister's friend.

Like, I might have just provided some funding or something for their celebration.

Was it all part of God's plan to give this girl as enjoyable a wedding as possible? It definitely seems possible, at very least, a great coincidence.

Unfortunately, when I expressed this thought at my Sister and my Dad ---- they suddenly seemed to start getting offended, saying my tooth problem was just my own fault and trying to discount the idea of God's hand in all this ------ it's weird, they are or were temple attending Mormons and they started getting offended at my idea that me paying the bride's father for an unexpected surgery right before the wedding was God's plan ---- they were offended that I suspected God of being involved in this big expensive monetary transaction!!!

I've been a Mormon, I know all too well that Mormons are all about God's plans for our lives and how he micromanages us ------ so why my Dad and my good-sister were getting offended by my suspicion of this occurring I have no idea.

But it definitely seems possible, I just had my Mom give the bride's father's business several hundred dollars today, and it's only too coincidental that my crown would fall off like just a week before the daughter's wedding.

I suspect the hand of God in this.  Not sure why my Dad and sister seemed to be getting offended though.  And this was my good sister too!!!  Not sure.

If anything, a very big coincidence ---- and my old sunday school teacher (in Mormonism) told us that "coincidence" is a word God invented in order to remain anonymous.

But my own family members --- who both regularly attend or attended the temple --- seemed alarmed or offended by my supposition. So strange.

Oh well.

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