Sunday, May 7, 2017

Oblivious to Finances

I was just telling my Mom how great it is that I have the savings capability to pay for my own upcoming dental implant, and my Mom said "You don't have the savings".

It's weird. I know that since I announced to my sisters that I was making $13/month in dividends, my Dad told me to stop announcing this information because it was getting depressing for at least one of my sisters --- and therefore this lack of announcement may have caused my Mom to become oblivious to how much I'm saving -----

But yeah, I went from being twelve-thousand dollars in debt to having a rather positive networth in just 6 years, and my Mom and sisters were completely oblivious to this.

To be honest, I think my one sister was actually surprised to hear that I had been carefully budgeting my resources, because, well, she's ADD and she admitted that she didn't know what budgeting was and hadn't figured it out until years into her marriage. Which is really too bad for her.

But yeah --- My Dad tells me not to announce my growing monthly dividends to my own female family members because it was getting them depressed -----

and now my Mom doesn't even believe me when I tell her I have enough saved up to pay for my own dental procedure. (this lack of belief may have been fueled by the fact that I'm borrowing from her to pay for the first stage in this process ---- my funding wasn't liquid enough to be immediately available).

You notice a big problem in my life???

I can tell the truth all I want, I tell the truth over and over again ---- AND YET PEOPLE JUST DON'T BELIEVE ME.

I seriously try to be as truthful as possible when I communicate, and yet many people don't accept things I say.

How strange is that?

Maybe people have just grown not to trust anything in a society that is probably at least slightly dishonest.

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